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TOVIHOUDJI Gbènoukpo Pierrre


Fertilizer microdosing enhances maize yields but may exacerbate nutrient mining in maize cropping systems in northern Benin

Tovihoudji, G. P., Akponikpè, P. I., Agbossou, E. K., Bertin, P., & Bielders, C. L.
2017 Article

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Pierre G. Tovihoudji was born on 1st January 1984 in Adjarra, southern Benin. He pursued his primary and secondary educations in Avrankou and Porto-Novo from 1990 to 2001 before joining the “Lycéé Agricole Medji de Sékou” in 2002. He graduated from this school with the “Dipôme d’Etude Agricole Tropicale”, DEAT, in November 2005. In the same period, he prepared the scientific baccalaureate degree (Série D: Mathematics and Biology) in self-taught and graduated in August 2004. He won in December 2005 the National College Entrance Examination (Agricultural Sciences) and enter the Faculty of Agronomy / “University of Parakou” and graduated in 2011 in Crop Production Sciences. As the best Engineer student, he obtains a scholarship of distinction from the University of Parakou to pursue a MSc. programme on Agricultural Engineering and Environmental Sciences and graduated in April 2013. He started his PhD research in 2014 on soil sciences with a part on soil-crop modelling in a joint doctoral programme between the Université catholique de Louvain (UCL-Belgium) and the Université d’Abomey-Calavi (UAC, Benin) funded by the West Africa Agricultural Productivity Program (WAAPP-Benin) and UCL. During my PhD, we assessed the agronomic and economic potential of localized application of manure and fertilizers in maize-based cropping system in northern Benin, with a long-term goal of developing recommendations. 

Pierre G. Tovihoudji has been involved, as assistant at the Faculty of Agronomy / University of Parakou  since september 2019 and freelance consultant, in many research and development projects in Agricultural Engineering since 2012. His stay at the Ministry of Agriculture as rural extension agent (2012-2015) and at the Agricultural Research Centre of Northern Benin as Research assistant (2015-2016), allowed him to work closely with farmers, rural extension agents, researchers scientists with various profiles (agronomy, soil, social, rural economy) for the dissemination of good crop production practices. He is interested in soil fertility management and dynamic modelling of the soil-plant system.